Basic Design for Quilters eBook

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Basic Design for Quilters: the elements and principles of art

This eBook will help you to clarify your goals and take your work to the next level with better design and composition. Become the artist you’ve always wished to be as you learn the elements and principles of art. An understanding of how design works will help you create more meaningful work.

Master quilter Lyric Montgomery Kinard becomes your personal creativity coach as she shares the beauty of the visual language. Learn to understand, appreciate, and evaluate your compositions as you work through each hands-on exercise and example. Learn to analyze how other artists use key elements and principles and  how to successfully use them in your own work.

Note: the interior content of this downloadable ebook is exactly the same as Art+Quilt: design principles and creativity exercises. Lyric now owns the publication rights for this book and has gleefully changed the title to the one she always wanted, rather than the one the marketers forced on her.
Art+Quilt is available as a spiral bound hardcover HERE.