Bead It Like You Mean It Kit

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Welcome! This kit is specifically for my online course Bead It Like You Mean It. (Click the link if you are interested in the course!)

This comprehensive kit has everything you need to learn the techniques taught in the online class.

Note: you will be given a random fiesta colored assortment of cloth, beads and cabochon.

Kit Includes

  • 1 tube of #11 Foxglove Cottage Straw Needles
  • 1 bag of beautiful fiesta colored beads
  • 1 bobbin of c-lon beading thread
  • 1 beautiful handmade glass cabochon
  • 2 6″ squares of fiesta colored hand dyed fabric
  • 1 6″ square batting
  • 1 6″ square fusible web
  • 1 6″ square backing fabric
  • Pattern sheet with flower options